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Residence Permit

Applicants who plan to stay in Finland for longer than 90 days within any 180-day period are required to have a residence permit. The right to work without a residence permit is restricted. You may have to apply for a residence permit in order to work in Finland even if your stay does not exceed 90 days. If you are an EU citizen or a citizen of Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland, you are not required to have a residence permit for Finland. Decisions for the residence permits are made by The Finnish Immigration Service which is the competent authority in residence permit matters in Finland.

The applicable residence permit category needs to be chosen by the applicant based on the reason for going to Finland. For more information about residence permit categories please visit the Finnish Immigration Service.

Who Is Eligible To Submit A Residence Permit Application?

The application must be submitted in the country in which the applicant resides legally. The Application Centre can accept applications only from applicants legally residing in the USA. The applicant needs to have a valid passport or other travel document. If the applicant is not a US citizen he/she needs to have a valid USA visa or Green card or EAD. If the applicant cannot provide any proof of legal residence in the USA, please contact the Consulate General of Finland in New York or Los Angeles.

Where To Submit A Residence Permit Application?

Submitting a residence permit application requires a personal visit to the Application Centre or Consulate General of Finland in New York or Los Angeles. All applicants must fill out an online application beforehand in Enter Finland. Application Centres only accept applicants who have submitted a residence permit application based on work or studies and their family members. All other applications need to be submitted to the Consulate.

Residents of Washington state, US can also submit their work or study based applications in Finland Application Centre in Vancouver, Canada. Please view for more information and contact details.

In the U.S. you can submit your biometric data at the Application Centre if you are applying for:

  • Residence permit for an au pair
    Residence permit application for au pair status, OLE_AUP
  • Residence permit for a person employed as a special expert
    Residence permit application for persons employed as a specialist, OLE_TY2
  • Residence permit for a researcher
    Residence permit application for scientific research, OLE_TUT
  • Residence permit for a self-employed person
    Residence permit application for self-employment, OLE_YRI
  • Residence permit for a trainee or for a transfer within a company
    Residence permit application for internship, OLE_TY3
  • Residence permit for an athlete or a coach
    Residence permit application for sports or coaching, OLE_TY4
  • Residence permit for an employed person
    Residence permit application for an employed person (TTOL), OLE_TY1
  • Residence permit for other employment
    Residence permit application for employment of another kind, OLE_TY5
  • Residence permit for studies
    Residence permit application for studies, OLE_OPI

    or if you are a child or a spouse of a person applying for the reason listed above.
  • Child of a person with a Finnish residence permit
    Residence permit application on the basis of family ties for a child whose guardian lives in Finland, OLE_PH4
  • Spouse of a person with a Finnish residence permit
    Residence permit application based on family ties when your spouse has a residence permit in Finland, OLE_PH1

All other application forms need to be submitted to the Consulate General of Finland.


The Finnish Immigration Service may offer the applicant and the sponsor the opportunity to take a DNA test if there are no other means of sufficiently establishing family ties based on biological relationship. For more information please view The Finnish Immigration Service.