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Fees At A Glance

Residence permit fees have to be paid through the e-service Enter Finland before visiting the Application Centre. If the payment has not been made in Enter Finland it can be made in the Application Center. Fees can be paid by debit or credit card.

First residence permit (other work, specialist, specialist (blue card), researcher, athlete, coach or trainer, internship, working holiday 410   635,00
First residence permit for an employed person 490 760,00
First residence permit for a start up ( self-employed person) 350 545,00
First residence permit for other self-employed person 490 760,00
Residence permit for studies 350 545,00
First residence permit, minor applicant* 240 375,00
First residence permit, spouse 470 730,00

*Applicant under 18 years old is considered minor.

Service charge (Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal , Edmonton, and Halifax TEL):

VFS Residence Permit Service 225,00

The Application Centre offers optional services at an additional cost below:

Courier Fee (Domestic) 38
Courier Fee (Washington State, USA) 75
Photo Booth Facility
(6 passport size photographs)
Photocopy / Printout (per page) 1

Please Note:

  • Applicable residence permit fees in CAD are subject to change without notice according to the current exchange rate.
  • Fees at the Application Centre are paid in CAD.
  • Fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Service fees of Halifax TEL:

Fees will vary depending on the group size


VFS Service Fee per applicant - 1 1288
VFS Service Fee - 2 645
VFS Service Fee - 3 429
VFS Service Fee - 4 322
VFS Service Fee - 5 258

Please note the above fee does not include the residence permit application fee, VFS Residence Permit Service Fee, other value added service fees or return courier fee to return the applicants documents to the preferred mailing address.

How to apply for this service:

Step 1: Book an appointment online.

Step 2: VFS will send you a confirmation email about the fee three (3) days before the appointment. Pay the relevant fee or make a cancellation. Prices will vary depending on the group size. The appointment will be cancelled if not paid.

Refund and cancellation

The amount paid for this service is not refundable if the residence permit application is refused. Further, once the date for your On Demand Mobile Visa Service has been confirmed, this service is not refundable. Refunds cannot be given for applicants who do not appear on the date of appointment.