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Schedule Biometrics

After submitting your application using Enter Finland, you have to visit the Consulate General or the Application Centre in order to prove your identity and to submit your biometric data.

You need to prove your identity within three months of submitting your application.

All applicants need to visit the Consulate General or the Application Centre in person, including minors (under 18 years).

You can submit your biometric data in the Application Centre only if you have applied for a residence permit in Enter Finland and your residence permit category is:

  • an au pair

  • a person employed as a special expert

  • a researcher

  • a self-employed person

  • a transfer within a company

  • an athlete or a coach

  • an employed person

  • other employment

  • studies

  • a child or a spouse for a person applying for reasons above

  • a family member of Finnish citizen

All other application forms need to be submitted to the Consulate General of Finland in New York or Los Angeles.

Required Documents When Visiting the Application Centre:

You need to present a valid passport or another travel document. Non-US citizens who are legal residents, need to provide proof of a valid USA visa or a Green card or EAD. If you cannot provide any proof of legal residence in the USA, please contact the Consulate General of Finland in New York or Los Angeles.

  • Appointment time (all applicants must book appointment)
  • Passport (travel document accepted by all Schengen countries)
  • Document showing that the applicant is legally staying in the USA (visa or Green Card or EAD)
  • Photograph of under 6 years old children (children under 6 years old must bring their own photo)
  • Certificate of a pending online case (printed from Enter Finland e-service)
  • Residence permit application form filled in Enter Finland e-service(print-out)
  • If your spouse and/or child(ren) is submitting biometrics with you, they will need to bring the original marriage certificate and/or birth certificate to the Application Centre. If they have received it from other than Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish or Icelandic authorities, the certificate must be legalized by Apostille authentication. The certificates must be in Finnish, Swedish or English, or translated into one of those languages. Both the original documents and their translations must be legalized. The Application Centre will send the certificates for verification to the Consulate General of Finland. The certificates will be returned after the residence permit decision is made. If you need original documents before that please contact the Application Centre.
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